About us


Mission & Vision

Our Montessori school helps to maintain a safe, loving and caring environment where a child can reach his or her full potential in the “formation of human” during the formative years of 2/2 – 5/2 years of age.

We help our children to be motivated and learn to be independent, self-confident and self-disciplined. It makes education a source of pleasure for them – something to be sought and enjoyed. Each and all are given the opportunity to develop their own innate abilities to their full potential in an atmosphere where competition is irrelevant and non-existent. As a result this will give rise to a more peaceful and enduring civilization.

We believe that respect for one’s self and others is the greatest gift to all of humankind. The teacher in our environment inspires a child to find the path that one must follow at such an early age, only to realize their desire and passion to do well within one’s self.

Education is the doorway to the wider world and we, at the Montessori school, aspire to keep this door open for the children of rural India offering high quality and free education, so that our young Indians will develop their social, cognitive, and emotional growth.