Extra-Curricular Activities


Field trips

Annually, the children of the School as well as all of the teachers, parents and further staff members are warmly invited to take part in a special field trip, usually to a park or to a special fun park for a day of activities and picnics. Contrastingly to regular academic life, field trips offer the opportunity to socialize and to enjoy each other’s company.

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Parents help in school garden

Parents are included when it comes to the maintenance of the school building. There are several small groups of mothers who regularly help in the school’s own garden.

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Children enjoy doing various creative activities: waste leaf, flowers coloring, paper cutting, painting, drawing, folding, sticking etc.Many crafts made by our children can be seen in the Montesssori building, giving the school a very inviting flair.

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Yoga is a science of right living and it works when integrated in our daily life. Some yoga classes for our teachers in physical,mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual aspects.

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Montessori children seeing exhibition in different schools in Kodaikanal.

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Festival Season

National festivals are an integral part of every country and community. These celebrations instill enthusiasm and devotion. Parents and teachers join in the celebration.

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The children are taught awareness on gardening; sow each grain seed in a small pot, by learning to grow their own plants.

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Annual Day Celebration